Supporting family & friends in their health journey is a difficult thing to do. Halza makes the conversation easier.. and it’s free!

Because the health of your friends and family is what matters the most, Halza offers a FREE version that allows you to access your loved ones’ data and communicate with them. Simply download the app on your iPhone or Android phone and accept friend requests from Halza subscribers.
Use our stickers and text services to show love and support. You can upgrade your account to Halza Essential or Halza Premium at any time – compare the plans and register whenever you want !


What can you do with a Follower account on Halza?

Stay up-to-date with the well-being of people you love

Follow people’s health activity and updates through the Halza feed

Track their recovery and progress on their personal page

If someone you know is hospitalized, get all the information you need (room number, floor, building, address) on your phone

Avoid miscommunication by having access to their data in real time

No need to call the doctor or rely on someone else to send the info: you get direct, real-time updates, straight to your phone

Interact with them using the Halza chat and our exclusive feature: Emoji Blast ®

How it works

Download Halza

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection

Register for FREE

Supporting your friends & family shouldn’t cost you a cent. Should you want to upgrade your account and be able to add your own medical data, you can subscribe to any of the Halza plans.

Accept the Halza subscribers’ invitation

Halza subscribers are able to send you requests, so you can access the content they choose to share with you and provide support

Show them love!

Once you are part of someone’s circle, you can see their progress, interact with them and use our exclusive communication features. Your loved ones’ healthy journey just became easier