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We designed our solution
to make your life easier.

Let us share the story of Halza.

A few years back, we realized that you don’t have your medical data with you when you need it:

  • Your data is scattered, you have incomplete files, and X rays collect dust.
  • Talking to doctors, they confirmed that there is a frustration on their side too: they don’t have access to the complete medical history of their patients and they don’t have enough time to communicate with them and their families.
  • We all agree that medical data has never been managed efficiently.
  • We also are aware how difficult it is to talk about health challenges – every one of us knows someone who is ill and support never comes easy.

So we designed a mobile app that solves these problems:

  • From the families’ point of view, Halza provides a secure storage system of their medical data and a creative way to talk about health amongst themselves and with the medical team.
  • From the doctor side, Halza provides access to a complete patient medical overview in a few clicks and an easy way to communicate with the other specialists involved with the care of their patients.
  • We are at the forefront of health-tech and we bring an unconventional look at healthcare.
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Our core values


Store and get access to your data anywhere, anytime, directly through your mobile phone


Your privacy and security is what matters the most to us. Your data is safely stored on Microsoft Azure Cloud and it entirely belongs to you (and to no one else)


People cure faster when they feel like they have support. Including a social component to our product was key to making your health journey more interactive and fun

Meet the team

We are from many different countries with different backgrounds. Our team together created THE Solution to help solve these universal problems that we all face. Watch the video below to learn more about us.



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