depression sadness same thing halza digital healthcare store track share medical records

Depression – Why It’s Not Just About Feeling Sad

You might know that you can feel sad but not be depressed. But did…

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yeast infection vaginal itch symptoms diagnosis cure treatment halza digital health

Yeast Infections – Everything You Need to Know

“Yeast infection” is the commonly used term for “Vaginal…

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emotional support encouragement eating disorder halza digital health

How to Support Someone With An Eating Disorder

Although you might not realize it, you probably know someone with an…

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eating disorders signs symptoms treatment diagnosis halza digital health

Eating Disorders – Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that most people with eating disorders look just like…

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back to school checklist elementary school kindergarten primary school halza digital health

Back to School Checklist

Is your child all set for the new academic year? Whether you’re…

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migraine frequent headache head pain halza digital health

Migraines – Everything You Need To Know

Migraines are more common than you think. Everyone either knows…

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everything you need to know about

Mosquito-Borne Diseases – Everything You Need to Know

Mosquitoes. They are lightweight, small, and barely visible flying…

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lactose intolerance stomach upset halza digital healtlh

Lactose Intolerance – Everything You Need to Know

What do Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper, and Kylie Jenner have in…

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ferritin blood test hemoglobin halza digital health

Ferritin – Everything You Need to Know

Why Does My Doctor Test My Ferritin Level? (What is ferritin,…

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panic disorder panic attacks anxiety

Panic Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

If you have ever had a panic attack, you might feel as if no one…

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everything you need to know about hypertension risks symptoms causes treatment

Hypertension – Everything You Need To Know

You probably know many people who have hypertension, or some who…

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All You Need to Know About Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Has your doctor told you that you or a loved one has Fatty Liver…

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shingles article everything you need to know halza digital health

Shingles: Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatment

Many of us have heard an older aunt or uncle, or grandparent warn us…

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autism spectrum disorder article

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

An often-repeated quote in the autism community is: “If you’ve met…

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endometriosis period pain cure symptoms hysterectomy coping treatment halza digital health

Coping with Endometriosis – Everything You Need to Know

Experiencing period pain is a normal part of the menstrual cycle.…

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gut health microbiome intestines

Gut Health: Everything You Need to Know

When you hear the word “bacteria” what do you think of? Germs?…

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cancer stigma support loved one halza digital healthcare

The Reality of Cancer Stigma

No one deserves cancer. Yet, on top of the physical and emotional…

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hpv related cancer oral cancer throat cancer safe sex halza digital healthcare

Can Sex Cause Cancer? The Answer Is Yes.

What are the first 3 words you associate with the word “Sex”? What…

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hpv human papillomavirus sti std sexually transmitted infection most common halza digital healthcare

HPV – The Basics of The Most Common STI

What Is HPV? HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the most common sexually…

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sexually transmitted infections diseases safe sex sexual health halzaSTIs STDs

Connecting the Dots and Breaking the Chain: The Importance of Talking About STIs

Four common STIs – gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, and…

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gestational diabetes pregnancy high blood sugar symptoms causes prevention

Gestational Diabetes – Causes, Risk Factors & Prevention

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during…

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osteoporosis maintain healthy bones health halza traveling with medical records

5 Ways To Fight Osteoporosis And Maintain Good Bone Health

A disease that mostly hits the aging and elderly, osteoporosis…

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breast cancer mother parent young child diagnosed healthcare halza

Supporting Your Young Child When You Have Breast Cancer

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be terrifying to any woman. But to…

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ovarian cancer symptoms treatment risk BRCA1 BRCA 2 genetic testing risks halza

Ovarian Cancer: How Genetic Testing Might Predict Your Risk

Has one or more of your relatives had ovarian or breast cancer? If…

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dental hygiene oral care teeth kids children babies parents halza

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Kids’ Teeth

Our teeth are important, especially so as kids. Besides eating,…

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Back to School Preparation for Kids with Special Medical Needs

Back-to-school-time can be daunting, especially for a parent whose…

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9 Ways to Avoid Falling Sick While Traveling

Falling sick is part of everyday life. Traveling exposes your body…

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Pneumonia: How Can You Protect Yourself?

Pneumonia is a lung infection that often develops as a result of…

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Niksen, Or Why You Need to Just Do Nothing Sometimes

In a 2018 survey of 1000 full-time US professionals, 77% of…

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7 Ways to Reduce Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a very common condition which often results in a…

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5 Benefits of Blood Donation

Every year around the world, June 14 marks World Blood Donor Day, a…

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Preventing Skin Cancer – Clearing Up the Myths

Have you ever gotten a painful sunburn or an unwanted suntan, even…

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Vaccinations – Overcoming the Myths

In 1980, after a 14-year global campaign, smallpox was finally…

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back pain tips guide health halza traveling with medical records

Dealing with Back Pain – All You Need to Know

Oh, my aching back… Most of us have some familiarity with backs. For…

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new year resolution tips advice healthy lifestyle eating habits health halza traveling with medical records

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

A whopping 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second…

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how to get pregnant getting pregnant guide halza health medical records

Getting Pregnant – What You Need to Know

If only the stork really did bring babies! It would be so simple if a…

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vitamin d deficiency tips guide health halza traveling with medical records

Vitamin D – Everything You Need to Know

Vitamins are nutrients that are essential in tiny amounts for…

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get over jet lag tips guide health halza healthcare

How to Get Over Jet Lag – Make Traveling A Little Easier

Hopping on a plane and flying across different time zones, whether…

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Traveling with Medication – Tips for A Smooth Sailing Journey

Traveling with medication is complicated. Sometimes, the prescribed…

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good night sleep rest insomnia benefits advantages halza digital healthcare

The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Apart from water, healthy eating and exercise, many forget that…

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stress sleep health habits halza

9 Ways Stress Affects The Body and How to Deal With Stress in a Healthy Way

Stress is something we’ve all experienced at various points in our…

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Antibiotic Resistance – What Is It and How Does It Happen?

A growing crisis worldwide, antibiotic resistance can affect anyone,…

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Type 1 Diabetes Halza Travel with medication blood glucose monitor

Type 1 Diabetes: Everything You Need to Know About the Disease

When you hear someone say that they have Type 1 diabetes, what…

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8 Facts You Should Know About Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has become increasingly prevalent, rising…

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6 Food Myths For Diabetes Patients, Debunked

People with diabetes need to be wary of what they consume because…

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Letter to my loved one thumbnail

How to support me in managing my diabetes: a letter to my Loved One

A touching and informative letter by Jill Sabin Garner, a Certified…

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Obesity In Children: When It’s No Longer Just Baby Fat

Overweight kids and the health risks they face A pudgy child tends to…

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Chemotherapy: Everything You Need to Know About the Treatment

Chemotherapy, or “chemo”, can be a frightening word. We often imagine…

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facts male breast cancer health halza traveling with medical records

6 Facts You Should Know About Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer – along with skin cancer – is the most common type of…

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living with breast cancer survivors stories health halza

Living with Breast Cancer: 3 survivors tell their stories

Living with Breast Cancer: 3 survivors tell their stories and give…

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6 ways recover breast cancer guide health halza

6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself While Battling Breast Cancer

Caring For Yourself While Battling Breast Cancer – 6 Ways To Smoothen…

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my partner has prostate cancer stories guide what to do health halza

My Partner Has Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

You probably remember the doctor’s exact words as he looked at your…

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prostate cancer guide symptoms risks causes treatment health halza

Prostate Cancer: Are You At Risk?

Did you know that prostate cancer is the second most common type of…

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avoid food poisoning guide tips food safety health halza

Prevent Food Poisoning: Keep Your Kitchen Safe

Little else ruins a good day as quickly as food poisoning does.…

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Moving Abroad Checklist – Everything You Need to Know

Moving abroad can be a very stressful affair. More than just an…

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what you need to know about allergy-induced asthma guide health halza

Allergy-induced Asthma: All you need to know

Allergies affect more of us than you may think. You may get an…

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health benefits of brisk walking exercise stay healthy halza

Skip the Gym and Hit the Streets – Brisk Walk Your Way to Healthiness for Free

You don’t have to walk to the moon and back before you start to…

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facts cataracts eye care eye safety health guide halza traveling with medical records

8 Facts You Should Know About Cataracts

With age comes a wealth of knowledge and a growing list of health…

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5 things nurses want you to know health stories halza

5 Things Nurses Would Like You To Know

Though often overshadowed by doctors, nurses are the lifeblood of any…

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Ambassador of Health Nick Glover’s 10-minute workout morning routine

For those who follow us on Facebook, Nick Glover is no longer a…

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Meet Jo Ann, who intends to lose 20kg with Halza!

Achieving well-being and good health is a life-long journey and using…

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everything you should know about parkinson's disease guide risks causes symptoms treatment health halza

Everything you should know about Parkinson’s disease: causes, symptoms, treatments

7 to 10 million people live with Parkinson’s disease worldwide. But…

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Souqpinoy silmdown challenge

A healthy weight for a healthy life: Halza sponsors Souqpinoy’s Slimdown Challenge

A healthy weight for a healthy life: Halza sponsors Souqpinoy's…

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nick glover ironman challenge

From Hospitals to IronMan challenges: the inspiring story of Nick Glover

At the end of last year, Nick Glover became Halza’s new Ambassador of…

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How to be supportive of a person with Down syndrome?

First, a short test. Your friend is hosting a birthday dinner and…

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prevent coronavirus flu SARS h1n1 infectious disease halza digital healthcare

How to Keep Yourself Safe From Contagions

Contagious illnesses, from SARS, H1N1, the common flu, to the global…

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cervical cancer health HPV healthcare halza

Cervical Cancer: All You Need to Know and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Know about the causes, symptoms, management, and prevention Cervical…

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thyroid condition hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism guide what you need to know health halza

What is the thyroid? Are you suffering from thyroid problems and don’t know it?

Do any of these descriptions sound like you?  You feel tired,…

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Less stress and better health: a cardiac nurse’s road to the summit of Mount Fuji

Less stress and better health: a cardiac nurse’s road to the summit…

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nick glover halza ironman

Halza to welcome IronMan competitor Nick Glover as Ambassador of Health

Halza to welcome IronMan competitor Nick Glover as Ambassador of…

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Halza at the Brest Friends Festival 2017 in Dubai: a look back at a fun day out

Halza at the Brest Friends Festival 2017 in Dubai: a look back at a…

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alzheimer's disease dementia parkinson's memory loss halza

8 Facts You Need To Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

As we grow and learn in our earlier years, our brains develop and…

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how to keep healthy eyes and maintain good eyesight tips guide halza digital health

How to keep your eyes healthy and maintain good eyesight?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so treat them with love and…

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top contact lens safety tips eye care importance halza digital health

7 Top Eye Care Precautions And Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

Gone are the days where myopes had to live with a heavy dependence…

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10 Things You Should Know About Hepatitis

Most people have some knowledge of common chronic diseases like…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Skin From UV Damage

Skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and while we see countless…

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