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Halza Selected to Join Microsoft for Startups Program

6 October 2021 | 2 mins read Halza Selected to Join Microsoft for Startups Program

SINGAPORE, October 6th 2021 — HALZA, the social-medical app that allows users to store, track and share personal and family medical data, today announced its induction into the Microsoft for Startups program.

The program is dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high-potential startups to enable growth at scale. Selected members are offered exclusive access to Microsoft’s technologies, mentorship and a streamlined path to co-selling with Microsoft and its global partner ecosystem.

HALZA was founded with the mission of empowering individuals worldwide to take control of their health by making health data more accessible. HALZA users have anytime, anywhere access to all of theirs and their family’s medical records, can communicate with medical professionals and monitor their wellbeing to have a better understanding of their holistic health journey. HALZA users are more informed and involved in their healthcare decisions and can also benefit from their new digital health passport function, myHalza Pass, which allows storing and sharing of crucial COVID related health documentation for travel and access purposes.

“We’re honored to be chosen to join the Microsoft for Startups program. Halza has been leveraging Microsoft technologies from the start with a platform that is 100% built on Azure. We hope our deepened partnership with Microsoft will significantly accelerate our brand’s growth, enabling us to help more people across the globe more effectively. Our participation in the program comes at a critical time for our company, as we launch myHalza Pass, our new digital COVID vaccination passport. With it, we truly hope to ease the entire process of presenting and verifying mandatory travel documentation for everyone involved” said Richard Nijkerk, Founder and Chairman of HALZA.

“HALZA focuses on what people will need in terms of readily accessible and shareable personal medical information in the future. It’s a great example of the Microsoft Cloud being used for people’s wellbeing and security. We are delighted to welcome them into the Microsoft for Start-Ups program and look forward to partnering to bring their solution to the market at scale” said Sally Ann Frank, WW Lead – Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft for Startups

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About Halza

Halza — a member of the Nijkerk group — is the first social medical app based in Singapore. Manage the health of your loved ones remotely with features designed to support your health needs, including family and women’s holistic health. Communicate with medical professionals privately and feel empowered to take control of your wellbeing. All personal data stored on our secure storage system is entirely owned by its users.

Our features: myHalza Pass, the digital COVID vaccination passport that stores and enables verification of mandatory documentation such as vaccination certificates and PCR/ART test results required for international travel and access. Medical Records, Vital Signs, Health and Medicine Reminders, Vaccinations, Doctors, QuickShare, Feed, Period Tracker, Pregnancy, IVF, Family Account, Growth Book, and more. All personal data stored on our secure storage system is entirely owned by its users. Halza is available worldwide in 26 languages.

Vivian Tan
Vivian TanBrand Manager & Spokesperson, Dr Hen Says