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Health Data Management App - Halza
Press releases

Halza Launches New COVID Vaccination Passport, myHalza Pass

30 November 2021 | 3 mins read Halza Launches New COVID Vaccination Passport, myHalza Pass

30th November 2021, Singapore — HALZA, the Singapore based social-medical app, launches its new digital COVID vaccination passport, myHalza Pass.

Users can now upload and present medical documentation such as vaccination certificates, PCR or ART test results on myHalza Pass. International travelers can easily navigate country-specific entry requirements by managing them on a single application like HALZA. Simply show what’s required without fumbling through physical documents at airports. HALZA’s smart technology retrieves QR codes from the uploaded certificates to display them on the main dashboard via its QRme function for ease of verification.

This digital solution, ensures all information stored on the app is tamper-proof and supports storing for group travel to make long-awaited family vacations less stressful at a time like this.

HALZA live demo’d myHalza Pass at the Healthcare Expo 2021 in Taiwan, an annual forum that provides a stage for the development of medical technology innovations and new ventures. Hospitals represented by Taiwan’s Non-governmental Hospitals and Clinics Association (TNHCA) are also part of a pilot project of myHalza Pass allowing patients to retrieve their certificates through the app immediately after their visit. Through this initiative, HALZA hopes to enhance the healthcare experience of medical tourists in Taiwan.

Richard Nijkerk, Chairman and Founder of Halza said, “We hope myHalza Pass can reignite the joy of travel. The new regulations are in place to keep everyone safe but they should not discourage us from reuniting with our loved ones or seeing the world again. myHalza Pass is there to simplify the entire process, while embracing the future of travel.”

The world is stepping into a new timeline, where it is vital to have immediate access to personal medical data. myHalza Pass facilitates quarantine-free travel and ensures users are always in control no matter where they choose to fly. myHalza Pass is available to all for free on the HALZA app.

About myHalza Pass
Securely store and enable verification of mandatory medical documentation such as PCR/ART test results, COVID-19 vaccination certificates and more. myHalza Pass works in offline mood and supports storing for both individual and group travel. The technology ensures information is not tampered with and follows all required data privacy guidelines.

About Halza
Halza — a member of the Nijkerk group — is the first social medical app based in Singapore. Securely store, track, and share health information anytime and anywhere in the world. Manage the health of your loved ones remotely with features designed to support your health needs, including family and women’s holistic health. Communicate with medical professionals privately and feel empowered to take control of your wellbeing.

Our features: myHalza Pass, Medical Records, DICOM-Viewer, Vital Signs, Health and Medicine Reminders, Vaccinations, Doctors, QuickShare, Feed, Period Tracker, Pregnancy, IVF, Family Account, Growth Book, and more. All personal data stored on our secure storage system is entirely owned by its users.

Halza is available worldwide in 26 languages on App Store and Google Play.

Download the app:


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To learn more about the technology behind Halza visit: halza.com

Media Contacts:
Cheryl Tay, Marketing Lead | cheryl.tay@halza.com

Fedrick Neo, Head of Business Development, Asia| fedrick.neo@halza.com

Vivian Tan
Vivian TanBrand Manager & Spokesperson, Dr Hen Says