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Data Privacy/Security

Will my database be stored on a decentralized network?

Is my data encrypted?

How will Halza use our data?


Can the data be ported over from HealthHub to Halza?

How would we know if our healthcare provider has access to Halza?

Does this app only act as storage? Do we need to get the records from our doctors and upload them ourselves?

Can Halza connect with wearable app information?

Do we need to install the app for our spouse to get his/her medical record?

If I want to switch to other providers in the future, how can I port over the data to the new provider?

Can I back up my data myself?

How much is the subscription fee for Halza app?


How many reports can be uploaded via Halza’s Concierge service?

What kind of services are provided by Halza and what is the cost (eg. Concierge service)?