Local Hen With 100K Followers Educates The World About Public Health

Singapore, Singapore – A unique presence from Singapore is emerging from humble beginnings to be a thought leader in an era of digital health education. With the ongoing pandemic, Dr Hen’s popularity has surged as more people want to learn about health. In an engaging and entertaining manner, Dr Hen uses a voice of compassion, empathy, inclusiveness, decency, and diversity to open doors to difficult health conversations. dr hen says hen.world

Having just accomplished 100K followers on Instagram (@drhensays), this social media influencer is known for encouraging awareness and dialogue, and building communities around female health topics. With so much misinformation and toxicity online, Dr Hen aspires to break through the negativity and digital clutter with a combination of medically-accurate facts, animation, and humor.  

“I believe in empowering my followers to actively seek and share knowledge to gain greater control over decisions relating to their own health,” says Dr Hen. The team behind DHS is 100% Singaporean. 


About Hen.World 

Dr Hen lives in Hen.World, a fictional world populated by Hens. Hen is not a chicken, but a gender-neutral pronoun that was recently introduced to eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace. The characters of Hen.World seek to embody the spirit of this word by looking past any differences and embracing each other as equals. Dr Hen Says is the social voice of HALZA PTE LTD, Singapore’s innovative, digital healthcare company, a member of the Nijkerk Group. 

For more information about Halza, visit https://www.halza.com/en/about/.

For more information about Hen.World, visit https://hen.world/.  

For more information, contact:

Vivian Tan | vivian.tan@halza.com