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Achieving well-being and good health is a life-long journey and using Halza can help people reach their goals. Halza is the best platform they can find to store their medical data and share it with their doctors, family & friends.

We recently met with one of our happy customers: Jo Ann.

Who’s Jo Ann?

Jo Ann Bawic is a 33 year old bank call centre agent. She’s from the Philippines, but is now living in Dubai with her husband, whom she married 6 years ago.

Her desire to be healthy and fit today is mainly due to a conclusion she came to with her obstetrician-gynecologist : diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) in 2012, she has to lose weight if she wants to be able to bear a child. The clock is ticking, and the idea of having a family is her huge motivation.

She took part in the Souqpinoy’s Slimdown Challenge 2018 (read more about the challenge and Halza’s sponsorship here).

Her original weight was 84.8kg and her goal is to reach 65kg. That’s a desired weight loss of almost 20kg! If she’s still not there yet, she’s confident she can achieve it shortly. “I’m closer than I was yesterday,” she says.

Her strengths? Her family and ever-supportive husband, who are always there for her through thick and thin.

Her weaknesses? “burpees” She says. “I’m still struggling to cope with my constituents when it comes to performing burpees. Hopefully, I’ll get used to it.”
She also has a hard time sometimes resisting homemade food – but she found a few tricks, like cutting down on rice & other carbs when eating her favorite dishes. “ Kaldereta is my all-time favorite, I can’t resist it. But I can eat an ample amount if I don’t pair it with rice!”

She has the mind of a winner without a doubt and relied on her determination and discipline to succeed in the Slimdown challenge, but also in her health journey. If she was eliminated just before the Challenge’s grand finale, she’s motivated to stay on track and achieve her goals.

What does she like about the Halza app?

Like every competitor of the Slimdown Challenge, she has received a complimentary Halza Essential subscription (compare our plans here) and started to use the Halza app to track her health parameters.

“When I first heard about the Halza app, I thought it was an ordinary mobile app.” She admits. “But I have to admit the features are quite impressive. It helps me keep track of my progress, as I can log my weight every day and see how much closer I am getting to my goal.”

“Halza has become my buddy, a companion throughout my journey. Giving and getting support from my loved ones is crucial – and I enjoy being able to share my medical data with them and my doctors.”

She also loves using Emoji Blast! – “It’s a blast! *laugh* It helps me express how I am feeling, and the fun characters always make me smile!”
Her favorite stickers? “The Indoor and Outdoor sports – especially during the Slimdown challenge… they’re 100% relatable.”
Find out more about the Emoji Blast and Halza’s in-app sticker library here!

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