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Halza to welcome IronMan competitor Nick Glover as Ambassador of Health  

The Halza team is proud to welcome Nick Glover as Halza’s Ambassador of Health and support him in his journey to the 70.3 IronMan World Championship next year in South Africa.
The signing ceremony took place last week at our office – the entire team was there to meet the new Ambassador and wish him well in the upcoming races.


nick sign off
The sign-off ceremony at Halza offices – Nov. 13 2017


Why do we support an athlete?

At Halza, we believe that your health and the health of your family is what matters most. Supporting an athlete like Nick is a way to spread inspiration and motivation to the world, as well as to show the importance of communication and well-managed health records in everyone’s life.
With Halza, our champion will be able to store, retrieve and share his medical data with his friends, family, doctors and followers. Moreover, by using Halza’s Emoji Blast® and newsfeed features,  Nick will be able to keep everyone informed of his successes, doubts, and challenges.


What is a 70.3 IronMan Race?

Also called Half IronMan, 70.3 IronMan is a race covering a total of 70.3 miles (113km), and consists of a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run.
Many of these competitions are held around the world each year, making it a very popular test for triathletes.

ironman 70.3


Why did we choose Nick to wear the Halza colors?

Nick has a very special and compelling story, and we know that he will be a source of great inspiration and motivation to all Halza users.
Nick Glover is a 40year-old business professional, from the Isle of Man. He and his wife currently reside in Singapore, after living in Dubai for several years.

Living with some difficult health challenges, including two bouts of cancer and Type 1 Diabetes, Nick is an outstanding example of willpower.
The passion for sports he acquired growing up in the UK has continued to spread, and has helped him win his personal battles. He started triathlon a few years ago, and discovered IronMan races shortly thereafter.
The constant support from his friends and family, his extraordinarily strong mindset and his physical capacities make him an obvious ambassador of our app.

Nick’s Calendar:

Nick plans to participate in 3 half-IronMan races:

His goal is to qualify for the World Championship in South Africa on Sept 11th, 2018. He plans to do so during the race in Da Nang, where 30 qualifying spots will be available.

Excited to know more about Nick? Here is a brief peek – a longer interview will be released shortly.

Describe yourself in 3 words? 

Nick: Passionate, devoted – when I do decide on something, I don’t really give up until I get it – and unfazed would be another word to describe me. I went through a lot of challenges in my life and you know, the world is not fair, but you’ve got to get along with it.

Can you share which goals have you set for yourself?

Nick: My goals are all fazed for the next 10 months because ultimately we get to May next year where the ultimate goal stands: to be qualified for the World Championship in September.
My goal for the 3rd of December is to complete the race in 4h50min.
My goal for February is slightly different: my wife is doing the same race and we will swim together so I just want to make sure she gets out of the water (he laughs). Then I’ll go for the fastest time I can with my bike, being in the top 2% bike time would be perfect.
The last race, in May, is where I need to qualify for the World Championship. To do that, I need to come in the top 3 of my age group – where there will be around 500 people.

 Can you share with us your strengths and weaknesses?

Nick: The one thing that hurts everybody in IronMan is mental strength. It comes a period of time during every single race when you break down mentally before you break down physically.

My personal weakness is my swimming – I’m actually quite a poor swimmer, so I use my fitness to help me to get me through the swimming as fast as I can. My strength is my bike, I’m quite a strong bike rider – I used to ride with a bicycle race team in Singapore so that really helped me build my strength.