30% of adults in Europe and the US and 15% of adults in Asia have Fatty Liver Disease, despite not being heavy drinkers.

Do you have a fatty liver?

Find out with Halza’s newest feature – HealthFACTR!

Calculate your risk for metabolic disease due to fatty liver with this simple test.

All you need is a recent blood test, your cholesterol results, and your waist circumference measurement.

Simply fill in the blanks and be on your way to a healthier life!

Want to use HealthFACTR?

1) Sign up for an Essential or a Premium subscription*.

2) Download the Halza app

3) Purchase a Halza Essential subscription with HealthFACTR at US $108**.

4) Take the test and calculate your risk!

*Note that HealthFACTR is tied to your subscription and cannot be used once your subscription expires.
**Note that HealthFACTR is only valid for 1 year, or when your Halza subscription expires, whichever occurs earlier.