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Why Dr Hen Says?

Everyone has a health concern. And sometimes, talking about them can be difficult. I’m here to ease these conversations by raising awareness, debunking common misconceptions, and breaking through negativity with compassion, inclusiveness, and decency. By sharing information in a simple and non-intimidating manner, my hope is that this helps you make better health decisions. Together, let’s build a supportive community
around health topics.

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Why Dr Hen Says?

What are Hens?

Hens are not chickens! We are a breed of our own, resembling bears but with beak-shaped mouths. Unfortunately, our evolutionary tale has not been well documented. We live in close-knit communities on a planet called Hen.World!


What are Hens?

What does “Hen” mean?

Hen is a gender-neutral pronoun introduced to eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace. The Hens seek to embody the spirit of this word by looking past any differences and embracing each other as equals.


What does Hen Mean?

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