Work with us!

Why should you work with Halza?

• Work hard, play hard

The Halza team is made of creative & talented individuals that share the same passion for healthcare, Art & Animation and yes, even Technology! As a team, we bond well together.

• Get your initiatives rewarded

At Halza, every opinion matters. We frequently have internal meetings, some informal, some formal. We also sit down over a coffee in one of our social corners to share ideas & remarks and to be each other’s critics.

Seniority doesn’t matter; what does matter is coming up with relevant questions, discussions to voice your opinion respectfully, and bringing creative answers to the problems we face.

The Halza vision

It’s simple. We want to empower every patient worldwide, putting them in control of their own health. But it takes a whole team to succeed and we are looking for new talents to join.

Where are our offices located?
Our main offices are located in Singapore & Dubai.


Can’t find what you are looking for?

The Halza team has been growing and our needs are constantly evolving. We are always on the lookout for bright, talented people to join us.

Why not send us your resume and a cover letter – we might already have something for you! Let us know how you can help and we will get back to you as soon as a matching opportunity appears.

Send us your resume and cover letter now!


No photocopying, no coffee making

At Halza, we are proud to give a chance to talented and motivated people, no matter their age! We are always looking for interns in marketing, product development & animation to join the team.

You can expect to learn a lot while you’re here with us. No photocopying, no coffee making: we need people to work hard and to share their ideas with us.

If you feel you could be a great addition to the Halza team, send us your resume and cover letter today. Don’t forget to tell us if there is anything specific you’d like to learn along the way: your aspirations matter too!

Send us your resume and cover letter now!