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Halza’s Animation Studio 

At Halza, we are strong believers that health is a heavy but important topic, worth talking about with your loved ones. We were looking for a way to lighten the discussion – not to take the seriousness out of it, but to allow families and friends to share more about their health journey, support each other in an easier way, and together recover, stay healthy and live longer.

This is how the Hens were born. Designed to be avatars, reflexions of ourselves and encountering the same health challenges as humans do, Hens are a breed of their own – but surprisingly similar to us. They come in many shapes and sizes and live in close knitted, supportive communities.

Where does the name “Hen” come from? “Hen” is a gender-neutral pronoun, used in Swedish as an alternative to  Hon (“she”) & Han (“he”), when it is best to avoid giving preference to either gender. The characters of Hen.World seek to embody the spirit of this word by looking past our differences and embracing one another as equals.



In-app Emojis: a creative way to share

A picture is worth a thousand words – Nowadays, everything leans toward visual communication, and emojis are the way people use to express their feelings, wishes and fears.

One of the most unique features of the Halza app is the extensive sets of Emojis, based on the Hens’ universe, that allows you to interact with your friends, family and medical professionals, without even having to write. Just by pressing one button, you can convey how you feel.

More than 600stickers are already available on the app, and more are added with each new release: an endless flow of new expressions, motivational stickers, and an always renewed way to communicate!

Download the app today!

Hen.World: welcome to a new universe

When we created the Hens, we thought they deserved to have their own universe: a place where Halza users could meet them, but also learn more about health conditions, find advice for a healthier lifestyle (including recipes & workouts), but also have fun, with in-house created mini-games and goodies.

As a result, Hen.World emerged and became the fun, light counterpart of Halza. Where we, at Halza, are focusing on your data security and privacy, always improving our mobile solution to make your health records easier to manage, the Hens are lightening up the talk about Health.

Ready to visit Hen.World? Click here!

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And if you think you know someone that could benefit from the content, feel free to share it.

Hen.World  also has its own Facebook page & instagram account: stay tuned for more updates.


About Halza’s Art & Animation Studio:

We are proud to have created our own in-house animation studio – a dedicated team, passionate about arts & cartoons and aspiring to build an entire universe.
Illustrators, video editors, graphic & web designers: our international team has been working hard to give birth to the Hens’ characters.