Health Data Management App - Halza

Halza – member of the Nijkerk-group –
is a Singapore based company created to address the frustrations of our medical ecosystem.

Our vision

A world where everyone has more control over their health

Our mission

Empower individuals worldwide by putting their health information into their own hands.

With Halza, you can,

  • Securely store, organize and access all medical data on the go
  • Track multiple vital signs to better understand your body
  • Share your medical history in seconds so you and your healthcare professionals can focus on efficient healthcare options

Do all of that whenever and wherever you want. We’ve designed an app that provides a secure storage system for all your medical data. One that fits right in your pocket.

We also think it’s important to facilitate conversation about health. Dr Hen Says was introduced to demystify health topics and conditions, being a voice of decency and compassion.

Our platform is more than just an app. It’s a safe space for anyone trying to manage their health. Not just for yourself, but your loved ones too.